POLYGLOTS, Inc. Announces New Feature Added to MONDO to Train Japanese Language Learners’ Listening Skills

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--POLYGLOTS today announces the addition of a new feature that lets Japanese language learners improve their Japanese listening comprehension skills.

Audio recordings of text being read are now available on MONDO.
Each recording is made by a native Japanese speaker and the playback speed is adjustable. Learners are encouraged to listen with a speed they find slightly challenging.


MONDO is mobile app available on both iOS and Android. MONDO is made for all who are interested in the land of the rising sun, especially people studying Japanese who want to improve their current reading skills in order to access interesting content.

App features:
- Logging
- Smart Scrolling
- One Tap Dictionary
- Word Tests & Flash Cards
- Hand Shake
- Translated Articles
- Articles for Listening Practice
- Articles with Furigana (Ruby)


POLYGLOTS is a company based in Tokyo, Japan.
Our purpose is to enable people to enjoy language learning using technology.
For more information, please visit www.polyglots.net/mondo.


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