ManualShare Beta Has Launched

ManualShare aims to be your future cloud-based manual management system

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ManualShare,, can help any organization easily share their manuals with their team and customers. We believe there are people having trouble creating and managing manuals, and we want to help make their lives easier. Our system helps users keep up-to-date manuals accessible to their teams and customers. It's free to sign up and easy to get started.

With ManualShare, you can create a manual in just a few minutes with our easy-to-use custom editor. Just enter your information and set your headings. If you need to add images or format some text, you can do that with a click of a button. Once you press the save button, our editor handles the rest. It will help you create and maintain a clean, well-designed manual that your readers will love. Once you are done, you can share it with anyone.

Manuals can be shared with the public or kept private for you and your team. If you ever need to switch your manual’s privacy setting, it’s as easy as checking a checkbox. Inviting others to collaborate on a manual is another easy feature of ManualShare.

With ManualShare, you can invite others to work with you on a manual in any property that you create. Invite as many people as you like to a property, and collaborate with them to make your manuals as informative and helpful as possible. In ManualShare, you can also collaborate with more than one team on more than one property.

Properties are used to help you organize and group your manuals. Name your properties after your organization, company, team, or anything else, and then you’re ready to start making your manuals. There are no limits to the number of properties or manuals you can create in ManualShare, and your manuals can be accessed as many times as needed. ManualShare can be accessed from almost any device with a browser and there is no special software to download.

Whether you are a bootstrapped startup, school, factory, franchise, or working for the government, ManualShare can help you efficiently edit and share manuals for your teams and customers. We invite you to visit today and give ManualShare a try. We cannot wait to see what you create.


Jeremy Caudle