First in Japan! Instagenic "Hedgehog Home & Cafe" Newly Opened in Shibuya, TOKYO

Pet and Take Photos of Cute Hedgehogs Living in Lovely Dollhouses

- "Japanese-style Room", "Bedroom", "Classroom", etc. -

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SHIIKUGAKARI CO., LTD. (head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO : Masaki Shimizu) made its grand opening of the first-in-Japan concept cafe "ChikuChiku Cafe (Hedgehog home and cafe)" ( on January 10 (Wed), 2018 where you can enjoy yourselves in the magical world of fantasy by adorable hedgehogs and lovely dollhouses.

Features of “ChikuChiku Cafe”
(1) Contact with Friendly Hedgehogs
Unlike dogs and cats, it is rather hard to tame the hedgehogs. However here at ChikuChiku Cafe, our experienced staffs have trained them friendly, so you can fully enjoy yourselves with the hedgehogs by taking their pictures, holding them on your palms, or feeding them, etc.

* Please follow the instructions given by the staffs when you pet the hedgehogs.
* Children 6 years or younger can see or take pictures of the hedgehogs but they are not allowed to touch them.
* Children 12 years or younger should be accompanied by the adult(s) to use our service.

(2) Variety of Fanciful Dedicated Cages by the Dollhouse Artist
Hedgehogs live in 10 different general cages (dollhouses) - "dining rooms", "bed rooms", "bathrooms", "a garden", "a Japanese-style room", and "a classroom" - and a huge cage (dollhouse) in the center of the cafe that shows the cityscape where the hedgehogs take a walk. Each of them is a complete handmade special order product for the hedgehogs by the dollhouse artists and the creators.

We will gather various creators by the contests and the open recruitments to create the new towns, the houses, and the rooms and update the lineup of the dollhouses regularly in future.

[Shop Information]

-Date of Grand Opening
January 10, 2018

1-13-5 Daikyousibuya Bld. 2F, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0002, Japan
* JR/Tokyo Metro - 2 minute walk Shibuya Sta. (East Exit)

-Business Hours
12 : 00 – 20 : 00 (Check in by 19:30)

30 mins : 1,300 yen, 60 mins : 2,500 yen
* Self-Service All You Can Drink (Coffee, Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea (Hot/Cold))


Hedgehog Home & Cafe
YOSHIAKI KATAHIRA, +81-3-5456-9674
* Please contact us by e-mail because international calling fee will apply to you.

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