(株)インロビ、ICO(Initial Coin Offering)情報を集約した「ICOラボ」ベータ版をリリース – THE BRIDGE,Inc. / 株式会社THE BRIDGE (プレスリリース) (ブログ)

THE BRIDGE,Inc. / 株式会社THE BRIDGE (プレスリリース) (ブログ)

(株)インロビ、ICO(Initial Coin Offering)情報を集約した「ICOラボ」ベータ版をリリース
THE BRIDGE,Inc. / 株式会社THE BRIDGE (プレスリリース) (ブログ)
株式会社インロビ(本社:東京都新宿区、代表取締役:後藤田隼人)は、ICO(Initial Coin Offering)情報を集約した会員制サイト「ICOラボ」ベータ版を2月5日にリリースしました。 「ICOラボ」は、トークンを発行し、仮想通貨で資金調達を行うICO(Initial Coin Offering)の情報を集約したサイトです。ICOは新たな資金 ...

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Creator of QTUM, Dejun Qian’s Newest Project FUSION hits its ICO Hard Cap in One Day

The successful ICO will help develop an inclusive cryptofinance platform, solving key issues in today’s blockchain technology, and constructing a truly connected financial ecosystem

SINGAPORE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#blockchain--FUSION (http://FUSION.org/), the Foundation providing an inclusive cryptofinance platform to solve the barriers hindering the widespread use of blockchain technology, announces today that it has successfully raised approximately 50K Ether, currently worth close to $50 million, in the first day of its ICO. Whereas, many crypto-projects focus substantially on enhancing current financial institutions, FUSION looks towards the future. The strong support for the project shows the need for a solution to the problems within the various blockchain ecosystems of today. By creating an inclusive system that can connect a variety of tokens in a more efficient manner, FUSION can achieve complete financial functionalities that have not yet been explored using blockchain technology.

The blockchain, because of its ability to connect people and markets, ushers us into a new financial age, introducing digitization, intelligence, decentralization, and inclusiveness to the world of the Internet of Values (IoV). The IoV is still in its very early stages, and because of that suffers from three main obstacles: interoperability, usability, and scalability. Whereas current blockchain projects have tried to overcome these barriers before, no good solution has emerged yet in the industry, until now. FUSION addresses the compatibility of cryptofinance, as the FUSION blockchain will support both tokens that already exist, and those that will be issued in the future. By solving pitfalls like this, FUSION makes smart contracts, smarter, as smart contracts on Fusion can interact with each user no matter the variety of tokens used to form them.

The FUSION public blockchain advances the functionality of traditional finance and offers a suite of features using the FSN token. Unlike other multicoin wallets which are limited to trading between tokens based on the same technology, a crypto wallet based on FUSION will be able to store all different values of tokens. The platform also offers a multi currency risk-free loan system: using smart contracts, by which users can apply for a loan in one form of token, and pay it back with another.

“We are entering an exciting new era of ‘Internet of Values’ which promises increased connectivity and inclusiveness,” said Dejun Qian, Founder of FUSION, “However, the benefits of the Internet of Values are currently thwarted by interoperability, scalability and usability issues within the various blockchain ecosystems, all of which combined have hindered this technological progress. FUSION aims to remove these barriers, ushering in an age of a true digital economy.”

Founded in 2017, FUSION provides a comprehensive solution for integrating cryptocurrencies that exist today and ones that will be issued in the future by connecting centralized and decentralized organizations, balancing authentication and anonymity, and integrating both on-chain and off-chain data. FUSION utilizes distributed bookkeeping nodes to control various types of tokens’ private keys, and establishes a control and management layer on top of different types of blockchains.


Company Media
Molly Winik, +972 58-4433219 (Cell)
Blonde 2.0 for FUSION


香港--(BUSINESS WIRE)--(美国商业资讯) -- 白石画廊香港位于香港 (地址:香港特区黄竹坑道12号香华工业大厦6楼,董事会理事长:白石幸生 https://www.whitestone-gallery.com/ )宣布从2018年1月25日开始区块链技术的美术品在线拍卖平台开发项目的ICO众筹。



2018年1月25日 14:00(JST)~2018年4月3日 14:00(JST)

第1期:30%分红 1月25日14:00(JST)~2月8日14:00(JST)
第2期:15%分红 2月8日14:00(JST)~2月28日14:00(JST)
第3期:5%分红 2月28日14:00(JST)~3月14日14:00(JST)
第4期:无分红 3月14日14:00(JST)~4月3日14:00(JST)


公司   : 白石画廊香港分行
所在地 : 香港黄竹坑道12号,香华工业大厦6楼
资金 : US$ 1,225,806.45
ICO 链接





Whitestone Gallery
Kazuo Ooi, +81(0)3 3574 6161

Whitestone Gallery Hong Kong Is Conducting ICO for Developing Art Trading Platform Based on Blockchain

HONG KONG--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Whitestone Gallery Hong Kong announced to conduct ICO for the construction of Art Trading Platform.
(HK Wong Chuk Hang 6F, Heung Wah Industrial Building, 12 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong, President: Kouei Shiraishi, https://www.whitestone-gallery.com/)

Art Trading Platform by Blockchain

By using funds raised by ICO, a distributed appraised art trading platform will be built by using blockchain technology.

Distributed appraised art trading platform is to bring interactions among artists, art lovers, galleries, auction houses, art colleges, art critics, collectors, etc. such as viewing and appreciating each other's artworks. It is a network that enables people to interact and realize an environment where many people can become familiar with art, as well as enabling their trading and settlement.

In addition, it will be a place to invest in works of artists whose evaluations are lagging internationally and to introduce excellent art to the world simultaneously. On the existing art trading platform, middle agents charge a high transaction fee to both the seller and the collector. This platform provides services that are impossible to achieve with existing trading systems such as smoothing transactions and further reducing fees.

Also, we plan to offer appraised art by linking biometrics such as fingerprints with secret keys by blockchain. With this system, the genuine problem will be solved.

ICO Participant’s Benefit (Token Holder’s Benefit)
1. Karuizawa New Art Museum entry ticket
1 ticket per 10 tokens (digital distribution)
2. Reward purchase benefit at Whitestone Gallery (Tokyo, Karuizawa, Hong Kong, Taipei etc.)
Holders of 100 tokens or more ... 10% discount
Holders of 200 tokens or more ... 15% discount
Holders of 500 tokens or more ... 20% discount
* Procured art by fund raised by ICO is included.
* Some artworks are not included in award list.
3. Original Digital Art Work

We will give all the token holders the original works by the world famous digital artist, Naoko Tosa., etc. for over 10 Token purchase.

ICO Period
January 25, 2018, 14:00 (JST) - April 3, 2018, 14:00 (JST)
Token Bonus by Phase
Phase 1: 30% Bonus: January 25th 14:00 (JST) – February 8th 14:00 (JST)
Phase 2: 15% Bonus: February 8th 14:00 (JST) - February 28th 14:00 (JST)
Phase 3: 5% Bonus: February 28th 14:00 (JST) - March 14th 14:00 (JST)
Phase 4: No Bonus: March 14th 14:00 (JST) - April 3rd 14:00 (JST)

Since established in 1967, the Whitestone Gallery has dealt with a wide range of works from modern master paintings to contemporary art.
We have organized various art projects as a pioneer of art galleries by developing art exhibition nationwide, including solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, comprehensive exhibitions of famous writers sponsored by department stores, museums, newspaper companies, etc.

In the 21st century, with a view to the world's art market, we are further expanding our business development such as participating in art fairs all over the world and opening stores in Hong Kong, Taiwan and others.

This year, marking the 50th anniversary of our foundation, is regarded as the "first year of reform", we will integrate FinTech with high affinity in art to Art Business, to realize worldwide art transactions safely and conveniently. For a further development, we will conduct ICO as White Stone Gallery Hong Kong to raise funds.

Company Name: Whitestone Gallery Hong Kong
Location: HK Wong Chuk Hang 6F, Heung Wah Industrial Building, 12 Wong Chuk , Hang Road, Hong Kong
Capital: US$ 1,225,806.45
ICO Site for WHS: http://www.whs-coin.com/


Whitestone Gallery
Kazuo Ooi, +81(0)3 3574 6161